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When we were younger, around 21, we found this shop called Vestimoda. It wasn’t on the main street. In fact it was pretty hard to find. It was a small shop tucked away on a residential street with a storeroom in the back. Cramped. If it was in this time, there would be no room for social distancing. 

The stock wasn’t displayed in well-lit custom fitted wardrobes but in boxes, on racks and folded piles of clothes. A true mish-mash. But! what you could buy...what you could find, was worth it. 


The proprietor, Eddie (Edoardo) was street-shrewd. He was the buyer, salesman, marketing director...but you could bargain with him. His famous line was “I lose!!” with his Italian accent...whenever you asked for a discount. (We doubt he ever “lost”)

The essence of that store, lives on. The same discerning eye for selecting rare, eclectic pieces. Your excitement from discovering unique finds...a speakeasy for fashion. 


Life is timeless, days are long when you’re young. We were about 21. Ventuno per sempre.

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